Top 10 Cooking Shows that Aren’t about Competition

The return of Top Chef is the top reality TV news of the month. The new season of the cooking contest series has created a buzz among food lovers, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that it is yet more culinary series that has been absorbed by television’s competitive nature. Many executives believe that competition series is the best way forward for Food Network and similar entities.

10 The Chef Show (Netflix).

Jon Favreau, a Netflix star, has made a series called The Chef Show. It’s a wonderful way to discover some of the delicious, down-home cooking that makes Chef viewers hungry.

The Chef Show can also be used for celebrity appearances. Gwyneth Pagrow said that she didn’t know she was in Spider-Man Homecoming. There are endless things you can learn in the kitchen!

9 Holidays At Walt Disney World Resort (Food Network)

It would be wrong to talk about great cooking Bingeable TV Series on TV without looking at how they can translate to holiday fare or the Disney World theme park. Holidays in Walt Disney World Resort is a Food Network special that takes viewers inside the delicious treats created by the Orlando culinary team.

There’s always something sweet to nibble on, from the wide variety of treats offered at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party all across the park to the Grand Floridian’s massive gingerbread house. This TV special explores the joys of all that hard work charmingly.

8 The French Chef (Tubi TV).

Julia Child was a pioneer of non-competitive cooking on small screens. It would be a mistake not to mention her when discussing the best shows. From 1963 to 1973, The French Chef aired more than 200 episodes.

The French Chef was an original public access program that made it huge. It isn’t one of the most accessible or modern series. It’s still available via PBS-centric streamers and can be viewed in glorious views.

7 Chef’s Table (Netflix).

Chef’s Table is one of the longest-running Netflix shows. The food documentary by Jiro of Sushi was created in 2015 and continues to expand.

Chef’s Table allows hungry viewers from all over the globe to meet some of the best chefs working today. It is a charming, detailed series that honors the art of this beloved art form.

6 Bizarre Foods (Travel Channel)

Bizarre Foods, a channel dedicated to exploring the world of unusual foods and delicacies, takes viewers over to the Travel Channel. This helps to show another side of cooking, beyond the traditional menus that are used in most restaurants and kitchens.

Andrew Zimmern, the host, always brings a nuanced and adventurous view to these dishes. His friendly demeanor prevents the cooking from falling into Fear Factor territory.

5 Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives (Hulu)

Drive-Ins, Diners, and Dives is an ongoing series on the Food Network. Guy Fieri started the series in 2007. It has given credence to many eateries that may be overlooked by more snobbish critics.

But not Fieri. Fieri is always up for a good meal and making new friends. The series is harmless and fun. It’s also a great way to get more attention for local spots in North America.

4 Amazing Eats (FuboTV).

Although Man Vs. Food is a bit more popular than Man vs. Food there are still two-thirds of Adam Richman’s classic Travel Channel series that focused on Richman exploring the city and finding the best places to eat in the vicinity of his challenge.

Amazing Eats was an excellent follow-up. It condensed the first segments and avoided the difficulties. Richman is a novice food television host but he excelled when he was simply exploring the hidden gems of a city.

3 Phantom Gourmet

Phantom Gourmet is a series of cooking/food shows that are set in New England but feels so authentic and personable it could easily be made national. Dan Andelman, the host, is content to continue eating in Boston, Portland, and Worcester as well as other cities in the northeast.

This is a wonderful combination of reviewing food and showing how it’s made. It also allows you to discuss the value of a great meal. Nothing is better than waking up on weekends with a fresh, new Phantom Gourmet for you to listen to.

2 No Reservations (Hulu).

Anthony Bourdain was one of the most influential television hosts in the history and evolution of the food category. He hosted two major series: No Reservations, and Parts Unknown. But the first one celebrated all of the different outlets for food in the world.

Bourdain wanted good food, good conversation, and good memories. These elements were always fulfilled by the cultures Bourdain visited, but it was Bourdain’s magic touch that made no Reservations one of his favorite food shows.

1 Ugly Delicious (Netflix)

The last entry in the list is Ugly Yummily, which returns to Netflix. This cooking show ignores all competition and celebrates the history and culture of particular dishes. It is host David Chang’s personality that sets it apart.

Chang, the genius behind Momofuku has been a global food icon. Ugly Delicious helped cement his position. A third season is expected to be released soon.

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