Glass Types for Different People

When I set out to compile this list, I was confronted with a question: Did I really know what a drinking glass is? The glassware experts will probably send me an email detailing all the embarrassing ways I have embarrassed their discipline. My kitchen cabinets house an interesting array of cups and cup-like objects in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and shapes. Any of them, or a jam jar for that matter, is fine to use as water, drinks, wine, smoothies, or as a painting-rinsing area while doing crafts. Because I am only one woman, everyday glass of water must be versatile. I don’t need 10 cups that are designed to enhance the experience of drinking a particular liquid in my mouth. My drinking glasses collection should have no leaks at all. It is great if I can get enjoyment, utility, value, and even a little bit of style from it.

There are many options online for all-purpose drinking glasses. This leaves plenty of space for personal choice and expression. Your ideal drinking glass may vary depending on your personal preferences, storage space limitations, and roommate/child situation. We have 13 favorite choices, including the classic bodega glass and fancy options like a set of jewel-toned tumblers, so you can find the perfect cup for your kitchen.

You can go for true neutral if you want.

The bodega glass is, in many ways, the quintessential, classic drinking glass–one that gets the job done but doesn’t insert itself too loudly into the experience. They are simple and elegant, but also have a slightly sloped and stackable shape.

Bodega Glasses, 12 Piece Set

If you promise to put them down gently after every sip you take:

These glasses are great. I got a few (fewer now because 2020 was my benchmark year for dropping breakables) as a workplace gift. They are extremely lightweight (CB2 calls it “micro-thin…the mere idea of a glass”. You almost forget they exist. Every sip is all about the drink. You should not stack them too quickly in the sink, or you will end up with a pile of tiny shards. But at this price, it is okay to have to place a replacement order.

Marta Double Old Fashioned Glass

If you’re going for a bit of a vibe:

Right. Right. These glasses are great for everyday use and have a casual, European vibe. They’re stackable, made of thick tempered glass for durability, and they’re great for hot and cold beverages alike, so you can use them for your morning latte and evening spritz.

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Glasses, Set Of 6

If you want color but like, just barely:

These tumblers by Hawkins New York are a great alternative to clear glass. They’re not only a hassle, but also have a lot of pigment that can be overwhelming for your kitchen. This is a beautiful blush color that brightens up a neutral tabletop but doesn’t make you confused about what you’re actually drinking.

Hawkins New York Chroma Large glass tumbler, set of 6

If you want to color in a real way:

But what if minimalism is something you have never attempted and don’t want to do? These tumblers are visually striking without being too gaudy. This is a difficult line to walk. You can choose from pinks and purples in the “violet”, greeny-blues of “jade”, or oranges in ‘amber. All are shiny and multifaceted and have a vintage feel.

LSA Gem Tumblers Set of 4

If you want texture, but like, just barely:

We put these bad boys on our 2020 holiday gift guide and I for one have not stopped thinking about them since. They can be stacked, but each one is slightly different. The outer edges are ribbed and they are easy to hold. These are the perfect tableware for a dinner party.

Ferm Living Ripple Glasses, set of 4

If you want texture in a real way:

They will not let you forget you have them. These glasses are heavy-duty (“crafted in substantial heft,” CB2 says) and have a diamond-like texture that reflects light and feels a little like crystal in your hands.

Set of 8 Chroma Clear Old-Fashioned Double Old-Fashioned glasses, set of 8

If you have very limited cabinet space:

This is the Tiny Kitchens Club meeting. Kendra is my name. I only have one drawer. These two options will work for you if you need extra storage space and don’t require stackable glassware. Like bar spoon all Five Two products, the Five Two version was designed to be highly functional. The curved base gives them a little style and allows them to nest into each other. Our Place is available in a color alternative, with an elegant ridge that makes it easy to hold.

Set of 4 Our Place Drinking Glasses

If you have an open shelving plan:

It’s OK to brag now. These Current highballs can be used every day if you have the space and desire to display your drinking glass collection. Each cup has a fluid and slightly crumpled appearance that resembles molten glass. It looks great on a table or on a shelf.

Current Highball Glass

If you have children or a rambunctious dog:

These acrylic double old-fashioned glasses are well-designed and built to last, perfect for anyone trying to reconcile kitchen style and a toddler. Yes, the IKEA 365+ glasses can be broken, but they are some of my favorite drinking vessels. These glasses have lasted more than a few drops, crashes, and other mishaps that I’ve had with breakables over the past year.

Chill Acrylic Double Old Fashioned Glass

IKEA 365+ Clear glasses, set of 6

If you want to not actually drink out of jam jars, but maintain the spirit of drinking out of jam jars:

I keep telling myself that I will have the space in my next life stage and magically transform into someone with matching glasses. Until then, I’ll continue to drink wine from jars. But if, when the time comes, I’m nostalgic for this time of Beaujolais in Bonne Maman, I’ll just buy this set of “working glasses,” which have the functional vibe but a little more elegance.

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