Great Places to Get a New DualSense Pad For Your PS4

If you own a PS4, then you most likely are itching to find the best deals out there. There is no question that these systems are highly advanced and provide users with a great deal of fun, but they do require some time to get the most out of them.

Luckily, there are now a ton of accessories available that can not only improve the way that you use your system but make it do so much more. Here are the best PS4 controllers being offered right now, along with some great new ones that will be coming out in the future.

The first accessory that we are going to look at is the racing wheel. The playstation custom controllers available today all feature the racing wheel, which allows you to move the stick in a circular motion in order to create the right Impulse, which is essentially the arrow for the bumper. There are many different Impulses, including touches, where the stick will slide across the pad in a circular motion, or a smooth circular motion.

This allows you to take advantage of how the game will respond to the movements of the pad, and feel each Impulse that you receive. Each one is very different from the last, and you should experiment to figure out which Impulse works the best.

Next up is the T3ooter. This is a pretty handy PS4 controller that allows the user to punch the center trigger. The left trigger is used to take a shot, and the right trigger will shoot the object that is currently selected. This can be used in both first person shooters, as well as third person shooters, and it has a really nice range.

Unfortunately, the trigger does not always punch the target, and if it does…you will have to reload. This is a small drawback, but in the heat of combat, this is usually more than can be ignored.

Finally, let’s discuss the Xbox pads. These are pretty good and have a great range of motion. You can use them in either first person, third person, and sniper-style, and they have four triggers and four paddles. Each of these has its own little perks and abilities, so experimenting to see which Impulse works the best, might be worth it.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the Black Friday deals on the Xbox pads. As always, there will be at least one controller that will fit any style and any budget. You can find almost any type of game that you could imagine for your gaming needs here, including racing, fighting, fitness, and more. Check out the four light bar options, and the red trigger.

So, what kind of extra accessories can you find with these black Friday deals? The most common ones include a headset, a wristband, a welcome screen, and even a dust cover to protect your unit. This leaves you with Dualshock 4 deals that leave room for all of your controllers to come together in one package. They also make a great travel companion or stand-by for those times when your friends aren’t near enough to help.

If you’re really on a budget, then there are several discounts that you may want to consider. One of the largest discounts is during holiday seasons. This usually runs throughout march through September. Check with your favorite gaming store or websites to see if they have any sales on new DualSense pads or wireless controllers for your PS4. Even if it isn’t the holiday season, there’s bound to a discount that you can take advantage of during the rest of the year.

Finally, don’t forget that there are some really great deals on the FPS Plus accessory. The FPS Plus makes any playing experience more realistic, letting you really feel like you’re part of the action. There are two headset types for this controller, the standard one, and one that fits onto your earbud style headband. You can get these in black, red, and blue.

You also have the option of getting an audio CD so that you can play along with your favorite songs while you play with your friends at home, and even use it with your computer as a headset if you so desire.

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