Heroes Guide For Raid Shadow Legends Game

Raid Shadow Legends Guide is now available. This Guide will cover all aspects of Raid Shadow Legends and provide you with all the information that you need to make your way through this amazing game. The Raid Shadow Legends Guide is divided into three sections. First, we’ll discuss Heroes and their upgrading mechanisms, then gear and finally, every Battle menu segment. We want to bring together all information about the game into one Raid Shadow Legends Guide that will be a valuable tool for new players.


Raid Shadow Legend’s Void Keep main objective is to upgrade and obtain as many Heroes possible. Each hero can be a valuable asset in a particular game segment.

There are 13 factions, each with up to 52 characters. Each character can be summoned and leveled as well as geared up or upgraded. Allies and Factions can be:


  • Banner lords (4 Common Champions, 6 Uncommon, 11 Rare, 7 Epic, 8 Legendary).
  • High Elves (3 Uncommon Champions 8 Rare, 9 Epic and 8 Legendary).
  • The Sacred Order (four Common Champions, 10 Uncommons, 14 Rares, 16 Epic, 7, Legendary).
  • Barbarians (9 Uncommon Champions; 12 Rare; 9 Epic; 3 Legendary).

Gaellen Pact

  • Ogryn Tribes (5 Uncommon Champions. 9 Rare. 8 Epic. 5 Legendary.
  • Lizardmen (1 Common Champion, 4 Uncommon, 10 Rare, 6 Epic, 3 Legendary).
  • Skinwalkers (2) Uncommon Champions (6 Rare, 7 Epic and 4 Legendary).
  • Orcs (1 Common Champion, 3 Uncommon, 11 Rare, 8 Epic, 3 Legendary).

The Corrupted

  • Demonspawn skinwalkers (four Uncommon Champions; 9 Rare, 8 Epic and 7 Legendary).
  • Undead Hodes (3 Common Champions, 4 Uncommons, 13 Rarely, 10 Epic and 6 Legendary).
  • Dark Elves (Common Champions, 3 Uncommons, 13 Rares, 8 Epics, 8 Legendary).
  • Knight Revenant (1 Common Champion, 3 Uncommons, 11 Rares, 10 Epic, 4, Legendary).
  • Nyresan Union

What are the number of hero categories in RAID Shadow Legends

There are approximately 400 characters in the game at the moment. They are divided into five quality categories: Common, Uncommons, Rare, Epic and Legendary. These quality categories are represented in the number of yellow stars that each Champion has. Affinity is also a way to divide Heroes. Affinities include Magic, Force and Spirit. Void is neutral. Magic is strong against Spirit, Spirit against Force, Force against Magic, Force against Force and Void against Magic are all strong.

The Tavern is where you can perform all actions that are related to the promotion and advancement of Champions. The Tavern can be unlocked at Level 6. It grants XP to Heroes, in addition to battling in Dungeons and Campaign. Tavern can perform 4 actions:


  • You can level up all characters in the Upgrade Level tab. There are two methods to accomplish this:
  • You can sacrifice other characters that you don’t use.
  • You can also give XP Brew as a gift to select Heroes.

Giving Brew is more efficient because it grants Heroes more XP. However, it is sometimes a good idea to make room in your roster. The best way to do this is to sacrifice Lvl 1 uncommon characters. Heroes of higher rank and higher-level grants more XP, but it is unlikely that you will be able to sacrifice a leveled character for this XP. Bonus XP will be granted to characters or brews that have the same affinity as the selected character.


If you spend the resources required to upgrade, every hero can be elevated to a higher rank. While the Hero will still receive the same quality category, he/she will be awarded a yellow star. This means that the Hero can be leveled up to a higher level and will automatically receive better base statistics. Each new rank requires more upgrading resources, and thus more time. A Champion can reach a maximum level of 60. Below is a list that outlines the requirements to upgrade Rank, including how many yellow stars and maximum level.

  • Rank1-1 Yellow Star, Max Level — 10. 1 character or 1 roasted chicken with 1 Yellow Star are required to upgrade to the next Rank.
  • Rank2-2 Yellow Stars, Max Level — 20; 2 characters are required or roasted chickens with two yellow stars for upgrading to the next rank.
  • Rank3-3 Yellow Stars, Max Level — 30,; 3 characters are required or 3 roasted chickens with three yellow stars to upgrade to the next rank.
  • Rank4-4 Yellow Stars, Max Level — 40; 4 characters are required or roasted chickens containing 4 yellow stars to upgrade to the next rank.
  • Rank 5,-5 Yellow Stars, Max Level — 50; 5 Characters or 5 roasted chickens with 5 Yellow Stars are required to upgrade to the next Rank.
  • Rank 6-6 Yellow Stars and Level 60 are the maximum levels that can be achieved in the game at present.

Remember that once you upgrade a character to a new rank, their level will be reset. You will need to farm experience again until your character reaches maximum level.


Each Hero’s skills can be upgraded to 6 levels. Cooldown reduction, damage increase and higher chances of applying Buff/Debuff are some common improvements.

To reach the full potential of Champions, you must maximize their skill level. However, this is not an easy task as you will need to use Tomes that are of suitable rarity (which can be very rare) or sacrifice duplicate characters. There are three types of Tomes available in-game: Epic, Rare and Legendary.

All Tomes are available to common, uncommon, and rare heroes. Epic Heroes can use Epic or Legendary Tomes while Legendary Heroes can only use Legendary Tomes. You cannot choose which skill is upgraded. Instead, you must only use the tome to see the effects.

Sacrificing duplicate Heroes is the same thing as using Tomes. It is difficult to acquire Tomes, so only use them on Champions that you will be using in battle.

How can you ascend champions in RAID Shadow Legends

The Ascend tab allows you to ascend champions. Ascending allows them to realize their potential. It provides them with improvements such as higher base stats and Skills upgrades, and even completely new skills. The number of purple stars displayed on a profile indicates the current Level of Ascension. Their Rank limits the number of times a character may be Ascensioned. The rank of the Champion allows for up to six times Ascended.

You will need to Ascend a Champion by using specific Affinity Potions or Affinity-neutral Acane Potions. These will show you how many potions are needed to reach the next level of Ascending. Potions can either be purchased at the Shop or in Potion Dungeons. There are three types of potions available for each Affinity: lesser, greater, and superior. You can mix lower-grade potions with higher quality to make potion mixers.

  • 1 superior potion = 10 greater potions = 100 lesser potions
  • 1 greater potion = 10 lesser potions

Each Affinity potion has its own Dungeon. However, only Arcane Dungeons can be opened daily while the other Dungeons are open 2 days per week.

You can summon characters, get Login rewards and earn Campaign Rewards.

Summoning Shards are used to perform Summoning. There are four types of Summoning Shards.

  • Mystery Shard — Common, Uncommon and Rare Champions can all be summoned.
  • Ancient Shard — You can summon Epic, Legendary, and Rare Champions.
  • Void Shard — Rare, Epic and Legendary Champions can summon Void Affinity with Void Shard.
  • Sacred Shard — Epic and Legendary Champions can all be summoned.
  • Each day, one Mystery Shard is given away. One Ancient Shard is offered once per week. If you’re not prepared to spend real cash on special offers at the Shop, Void and Sacred Shards will be much more difficult to find.

It is not possible to concentrate on certain characters with current summoning opportunities. So make sure you have as many levels of characters as possible to ensure that you can use any Epic or Legendary Hero once they are acquired.


Gear is the next section in the Raid Shadow Legends Guide.

Each Champion can have 9 gear slots. Each slot can be equipped by a specific piece of Gear to increase its basic stats. The character of a Champion who is fully equipped with the appropriate equipment can be stronger than if it does not have one. This indicates that equipment is just as important as upgrading or leveling up.

Raid Shadow Legends equipment can be called Artifacts.

Each Artifact has a different Rank or Rarity, which greatly influences its quality. There are six Ranks, and five different qualities (similarly to Champions).

Primary stats of artifacts are influenced by rank, while substats are influenced and influenced (in part) by quality (rarity). Artifacts with higher quality substats have more:

  • Common Artifact — 0 substats
  • Uncommon Artifact — 1 substats
  • Rare Artifact — 2 substats
  • Epic Artifact — 3 substats
  • Legendary Artifact — 4 substats

Each Artifact can be upgraded to level 16 via Champions Screen. Each upgrade of an Artifact will improve its primary stats, while each 4th level will increase one substat. Each level will see a gradual decrease in the price and success rate of each Upgrade.

Glyphs can be used to enchant artifacts. Each Glyph can boost one substat of an artifact. Faction Crypts allow you to grow Glyphs.

Below is a picture that shows possible stats and substats of every piece.

Each piece of gear is part of a specific Artifact Set. If you have enough artifacts from the same set, you get additional bonuses. You will need 2 pieces from the same set for some Artifact Sets, while 4 is required for other Artifact Sets.

Although accessories are not included in any set, each accessory offers additional benefits for the Champion. To equip Ring, Champion must possess 4 yellow stars. Amulet requires Champion to be ascended up to the 5th purple star. Banner requires 6 purple stars. Accessories can only be equipped by Hero if they are from their faction. Upgrades and enchants work the same way as other artifacts.

You can purchase artifacts at the Market, Dungeons, or Campaign Missions.

Campaign Missions are great for beginners as you can farm certain items on Mission Stages, where you can see potential drops. Campaign Missions are not like Dungeons in that they do not provide high-quality artifacts.

There are three Dungeons that will award artifacts: Ice Golem’s Peak and Dragon’s Lair. Each Dungeon grants different Artifact Sets so it is important that you learn about the drops available before grinding. Below is a list of all available Artifact Sets for each Dungeon.

You can also buy artifacts in the Market for Silver. The Market can have any rank, quality, or set of items. It is therefore highly recommended to regularly check the Market as it is possible for you to find the pieces that you are looking for.

You can only find some Artifacts in the Arena reward chests and Clan Boss reward boxes. These Artifacts can be obtained only in Clan Boss reward chests or in the Arena reward chests. It is important that you take part in Clan Boss fights, Arena battles, and other activities every day.


Raid Shadow Legends Guide’s final topic will cover all functions of the Battle Menu.

Click on the Battle button to see a Battle Screen that includes 5 game modes. We will discuss each mode individually.


What is the length of the RAID Shadow Legends campaign.

The Campaign is the continuation of the main storyline. Each mission has 7 stages. It has 12 missions. Each stage is dominated by 3 waves of enemies, with the exception of the final stage. These include the Boss at its end. You can earn one, two, or three stars for completing each stage.

  • 1 star — Complete the stage
  • 2 stars – Completing the stage with no character loss
  • 3 stars – Completing the stage in 10 minutes with 2 or fewer characters, without losing any character.

If you have earned all the stars, your stars will count towards special rewards and additional rewards. Every stage can award you with gear from an Artifact Set, depending on your missions. You can even get characters and Shards from the Boss stage. You can raise the difficulty to get better rewards and more star rewards when you complete the Campaign. There are three difficulty levels: normal, hard and brutal. Below is a list of all Bosses Aaffinities and Artifacts Set Drops and Rare Champion Drops on Normal difficulty.

  • Kaerok Castle (Magic), — Life set, Valerie and Conquer
  • Sewers of Arnoc — Offense set. Skullsworn
  • Catacombs at Narbuk (Spirit), — Defense set, Sorceress
  • Durham Forest (Magic), Critical Rate Set, Spirithost, Graybeard
  • Felwin’s Gate, Force — Accuracy set Rocktooth
  • Palace of Aravia — Speed set, Heiress and Avenger
  • Tilshire (Magic), Resistance set, Goremask
  • Valdemar Strait (Void) — Lifesteal set, Templar
  • The Deadlands (Spirit), — Destroy set Berserker
  • Godfrey’s Crossing (Magic), — Muckstalker sets the stage for retaliation
  • Hallowed Halls (Force), Fury set, Executioner
  • Brimstone Path (Spirit), — Curing set. Hound Spawn. Diabolist

Campaign stages are a great place to level up characters or grind fodder characters. Multi-Battle allows you to do up to 15 battles per day, which is a quick way to level up or grind. Multi-Battle will automatically replace max level characters.

Campaign battles can require as many as 4 characters, but you should limit the number of characters you use on each stage to earn the most stars. Multiple AOE attacks are best for Campaign because they allow you to clear enemy waves quickly without losing HP. If you want to get all the stars in Campaign, you will need to use different characters with Lifesteal and Regeneration sets. Although it may seem difficult at first, this will be a huge help at the end.

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