The Best Bedroom Set Guide

Are you preparing to arrange a bedroom? By purchasing a complete bedroom set, you may save the hassle of selecting individual furniture pieces. A bedroom set, which includes a bed, a dresser, a nightstand, a chest, and other pieces of matching bedroom furniture, is a cost-effective and convenient option to get all of your bedroom furniture at once. This bedroom set buying guide should be your go-to guide for anything related to bedroom sets.

Bedroom Sets are available in a variety of styles.

Different furniture elements are included in different bedroom sets. One of your primary concerns while searching for a bedroom console tables should be how many and which furniture items you’d like included. While searching for a bedroom set, keep the following six types in mind:

Two-Piece: Two-piece bedroom sets consist of merely a bed and a nightstand, and are ideal for quickly outfitting a guest bedroom.

Three-Piece: Because three-piece bedroom sets come with a matching dresser, they are more practical than two-piece sets. This implies that this bedroom furniture set will cost a little more and take up a little more space than a two-piece set, but the extra storage capacity will be well worth it.

Need a bit more storage? Try the five-piece set. Choose a five-piece bedroom set that includes a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, a mirror, and a chest of drawers.

Six-Piece: Six-piece bedroom sets are among the most comprehensive options. These six-piece sets can feature a bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a chest, and a mirror, while others can include armoires, trunks, benches, and more. These intricate bedroom sets are ideal for easily outfitting a master bedroom.

Dresser: A dresser bedroom set is distinct in that it usually does not contain a bed; instead, it usually just includes a matching dresser and nightstand. If you already have a bed and want to effortlessly arrange the rest of your space with matching items, this type of bedroom set is excellent.


You can also look for bedroom sets based on the specific items of furniture you want included. Shop for bedroom sets that include a bed, sets that include a dresser, and so on by utilizing filters. To find your ideal bedroom set, mix and match!

Dimensions of a Bedroom and the Layout of a Bedroom Set

Before you go shopping, take measurements of your bedroom to see what furniture pieces will fit comfortably. The size of your bedroom will determine how much furniture you can buy and, as a result, which sort of bedroom set is best for you. With too many large pieces in a small bedroom, it will seem claustrophobic, so a basic set may be best. If you have a larger space, a larger set with more pieces would be the best option.

Measure your room thoroughly, taking into account door widths and window heights. Window height is significant since it will determine where your bedroom furniture will be positioned; furniture should only be put under a window if it will not overlap with the ledge.

As you purchase, keep the dimensions of your bedroom in mind. Individual measurements for each furniture component should be included in the Weights & Dimensions tab for each bedroom set choice. Drawing up a floor plan of your bedroom will help you figure out if and how specific furniture pieces will fit in your space.

Size of the Bed

Despite the fact that most bedroom sets do not contain a mattress, typical mattress sizes should be kept in mind while shopping for a bedroom set because the accompanying bed will be a specified size. Many furniture sets come in a variety of bed sizes, allowing you to find the ideal set for your needs.

Bedroom sets featuring twin, full, queen, king, and California king beds are available. What Are the Most Common Bed Sizes? is a good place to start. to understand everything there is to know about the various bed sizes available so you can make the best decision possible.


It’s also crucial to consider bed type when picking a bed size for your bedroom set, as different types of beds take up varied amounts of space in a bedroom. Bedroom sets with storage, sleigh, canopy, and four-poster beds are available. You can also find bedroom sets with normal or platform beds, the latter requiring a box spring. Read our Bed Buying 101: Types of Beds guide to supplement the bed-buying knowledge you get from our bedroom set buying guide.

Size of a Nightstand

Start by measuring the available space and the measurements of your bed to decide the appropriate nightstand size for your bedroom. This ensures that the nightstand is proportional to the available space.


Check out our guide Nightstand Dimensions: How to Choose the Right Nightstand Size for Your Bedroom for more information on nightstand sizes.

Material & Style of Bedroom Set

Bedroom sets are available in a variety of styles, including modern and contemporary, farmhouse, and country. To give your place an unified feel, choose a set that fits your existing decor.

You may also shop for bedroom sets based on the materials they are made of. You’ll be able to locate a bedroom set in the material and price range that best suits you, whether it’s solid wood in a variety of hues ranging from light to dark, metal, wicker rattan, and more.

Because the bedroom set contains the majority of the furniture in your room, take your time to pick one that you adore — it will set the tone for the entire area.

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