Top 5 Free Fax Apps on Android in 2022

A fax app enables its users to send and receive fax whenever and wherever they want. Since so many fax apps are available on the app market, you should know the elements leading to the best free fax app so that you’ll be able to pick up the one best fit for your demands in business and life. Best free fax apps for android phone you should know.

Fax from Android Device Anytime and Anywhere

Online fax service is a dedicated fax number hosted by a service provider.
In contrast to fax software or fax machines, online fax services provide users the ability to fax directly from the Internet without installing a dedicated landline in your house, as well as the ability to access or manage fax communications from anywhere you can access the Internet. The online fax service can also be combined with your Android device and make your phone a pocket fax machine. Your phones are used to send and receive fax without any landline phone or any extra hardware. It allows you to send and receive fax pages wherever you are without limitations.

Top 7 Free Fax Apps on Android in 2022

Since there are quite a several fax apps on the Google Play Store, the applications for online fax are suggested based on their fax-friendly features and low budget.

Easy Fax

Easy Fax turns your smartphone into a fax machine to fax documents, images, and receipts.
Directly attach images from smartphone library or scan with webcam
Fax documents directly from Cloud storage like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.
Directly fax documents from other apps
Track fax status anytime
How Free
Easy Fax uses credits for faxing. Users will have 15 free credits on the first login. For example, the fax to the US and Canada costs 10 credits while that to other countries 15 credits.
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Dingtone Fax

Developed by Dingtone, Inc., Dingtone Fax has been regarded as one of the most reliable fax apps on Google Play Store. Its faxing success rate is as high as 99.93%.
Easily to send and receive fax anytime and anywhere
Directly fax images and documents from any source
A dedicated fax number, local or international
Allows you to edit and preview fax documents
Provides fax cover sheet templates for different purses.
Allows you to sign your documents
End-to-end encryption to protect your privacy
Tracks the status
How Free
7-day free trial
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eFax has been a fax app for a relatively long history and has been used by many users.

Provides dedicated fax numbers
Sign and edit files to fax
Attach files from Cloud
How Free
7-day free trial
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Fax Burner

Fax Burner changes your Android device into a fax machine that can be used anytime and anywhere as long as there’s Internet access.
Allows users to send a fax after some taps
Provides US and Canada dedicated fax numbers
How Free
25 pages to fax without charge
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Allows users to send fax within a couple of minutes
Allows users to send, receive and track faxes from Android smartphones or tablets
Select fax cover sheet
Manage fax contacts
Allows users to directly attach files from Cloud platforms
How Free
7-day free trial

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What Contributes to the Best Free Fax App for Android?

Without telling you which fax app should be selected, you should know is all the elements used to evaluate a free fax app. The best free fax app for Android must fulfill the following requirement:
● Fax on the go from anywhere
One advantage of the online fax service is its ease of use. You don’t have to purchase and install a fax machine if you prefer not to. All actions are done on the Website, and the service is thus available from any computer connected to the Internet, everywhere in the world. One small device can make you send fax freely.
● No need to look for a fax machine
Even when you’re busy vacationing, you can still send or receive a document that will directly be stored in your email. You won’t have to go and find a fax machine to check what your client or team has sent. Thus, online fax services allow you to respond quickly since you can access the documents anytime.
● Cost-saving and easy to use
You won’t have to buy paper, ink, and machines. Though you may have to spend on an online fax service plan or subscription, the fee for this is much smaller than what you’ll pay for a traditional fax machine.

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