The 13 Best Wood Flooring Options

Remember: These are our top picks for hardwood flooring. This will be your guide for choosing Wooden flooring Wirral.

1. Oak: The Industry Standard

Oak is a common reference point when discussing the Janka Scale.

It doesn’t have to be weak.

2. The Hardest American Wood Species

Hickory, a durable wood species that can be grown domestically, has a Janka rating of around 1820.

Hickory is an unusual wood species. It comes in a variety of colors and has a lot more character than other woods.

The cons and advantages of hickory floors boil down to the fact some people love it’s unique personality while others don’t.

3. Santos Mahogany – An Exotic and Durable Timber

Santos mahogany, an exotic hardwood species that is very popular for flooring, comes in at around 2200 on Janka scale. It has a deep red color and tight grain.

If you need something more difficult than hickory, Santos mahogany is the best choice.

4. Maple – Contemporary and Shock-Absorbant

Maple flooring is often used for basketball courts due to its shock-absorbing qualities. Janka rating: 1450.

Maple flooring is loved by people for its beautiful finish, creamy colors and light grains.

5. Ebony – Very Rare, But Very Durable

Ebony flooring is a very high 3220 according to the Janka scale.

These unique characteristics make ebony very desirable.

However, if you can find ethically-sourced Ebony, it’s one of the strongest wood flooring options.

6. Teak: Water-Resistant, Glossy

Teak flooring is extremely durable and has a Janka score of 2330. Teak flooring pros will show that hardness is not the only thing that makes it attractive.

Teak is impregnated with tons of natural oils, resins, and makes it a beautiful wood.

Teak can be too expensive to use in a mudroom.

7. Cumaru (Brazilian Teak): An Absurdly Durable Wood Flooring Choice

Cumaru (or Brazilian teak) has a remarkable Janka score of 3540. This alone would have made it one of our most durable wood flooring options.

Cumaru isn’t only stunning and strong, it’s also very affordable for exotic imports. While it’s not cheap , it can be more expensive than some other hard exotic woods.

8. Ash: Stylish and Hard

Ash flooring has a Janka rating of 1320 and a light, stylish grain. It is not the most eco-friendly flooring option on this list.

9. Jatoba: Resistant to Pests

The other side of the coin is jatoba, also known as Brazilian cherry. It’s resistant to termites and other insects.

The jatoba wood flooring is a popular choice for those looking for strong, beautiful and sustainable wood flooring.

10. Goncalo alves (Tigerwood),: A striking and unique

Goncalo Alves, also known as Tigerwood, has a Janka scale of 2250.

11. Bamboo: One-of-a Kind

Okay, so bamboo is technically a grass. But, because it looks and behaves exactly like hardwood flooring, it’s going to be included on this list.

Bamboo’s numerous options, including carbonized, uncarbonized and vertical, horizontal, strand woven, etc., make it an extremely unique option.

12. HMP: Super Durable and New

Hemp is not , although it’s a type of wood flooring. It looks exactly like one, and it ranks above 3500 on Janka scale , so we had to include it.

Hemp flooring is the newest type of flooring available. Hemp has been legalized in the US to grow for industrial purposes in 2018 and only a few companies are currently making it.

13. Ipe: Brazilian Walnut is one of the most durable wood flooring options

Brazilian walnut is the best wood flooring you can find.

Brazilian walnut is a beautiful, deep-colored walnut.

Laminate and Bamboo: These are the Two Most Durable Wood Flooring Options… But They Aren’t Actually Wood

Bamboo is a grass flooring that is extremely durable

We have already mentioned bamboo, but we want more information because there are so many choices!

Bamboo is a great option if you are looking for flooring that is both environmentally friendly and extremely durable. Here’s a breakdown:

Natural horizontal bamboo flooring is Janka rated 1700
Natural bamboo flooring is available in 2100
Natural strand-woven Bamboo flooring has a Janka Rating of 3000+
This is the truth. It’s almost three times harder than oak, the industry standard.

Laminate is a very durable composite flooring

Laminate flooring is something you’ve likely come across in your research. But if not, here’s the scoop. Laminate flooring is made up of three layers:

A rigid composite base layer
A photo-realistic image layer
A durable plasticate wear layer
Laminate can look almost anything because of its photo-realistic layer. You can also find Pergo Extreme and Pergo Extreme reviews.

Laminate flooring can be more durable than wood flooring if it is priced higher. See this vinyl plank and laminate flooring comparison!

Honorable mention: cork flooring

Although it isn’t difficult (in fact it’s very flexible), the best Cork Flooring products are super long-lasting . This is especially important for children with hyperactivity or paw gouges.

Are there drawbacks to cork flooring? Yes, but not many.

The most durable wood flooring for dogs and other pets
Dogs make great companions but can also be rowdy. Our experience has shown us that dogs are not always the most loyal.

Finding the right wood flooring to suit your dog’s needs can be difficult.

Pet urine, scratch marks and slobber all can cause damage to your floors so solid wood may be a better option for you.

You can think of it like this: If you were to compare bamboo flooring with laminate, or laminate with hardwood floors, then you would most likely choose bamboo or hardwood. However, laminate can be refinished, but bamboo flooring can not be refinished.


The most durable wood flooring is up to you.

We hope you’ve seen that wood floors’ durability is not just dependent on their finish. It also depends on whether they’re solid or engineered. It even depends upon what you mean by “durability”.

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