The Top 5 Most Used Applications in 2021

What is it that makes certain apps stick out from the rest? It is a great way to find out the top mobile apps on the market.

We have decided to list the top 2021 apps, and highlight a few features that make them stand apart. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an app idea, or a business leader who wants to improve your mobile skillset, this list will inspire. You will get a better idea of the success stories of some of the top tech companies around the world, and you can try to emulate them.

The Most Important Leson? Solve a problem.

All the top app ideas, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketer trying to find better ways for your customers to interact with you, have one thing in common. They use mobile technology in solving a problem. You’re in business if you solve a major problem for a large segment of the market.

Mobile applications are essential for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing market. According to eMarketer, the average American adult spent 31 minutes more time on their mobile devices in 2021. 88% of their mobile internet time was spent within apps.

The demand for mobile technology continues to grow. Apps are loved by the world and people will use them. But, there is a reason that most apps fail. You need an app that solves the problem and provides a remarkable User Experience (UX). This will ensure strong mobile engagement. These 5 best smartphone apps accomplish exactly that. More lists of top apps available at

What are the most popular apps in 2021?

You can help create a mobile app to stand out from the rest by taking a look at these top 10 most popular apps in 2021.


Uber is the leading global on-demand ride-sharing company, connecting more than 103 million riders with drivers in over 70 countries.

While Uber is not the only company in America, they still hold 71% of the market. They are also strong in many countries around the world (despite their exits from Russia and China).

Why was Uber so successful? Being first to market was obviously a huge advantage. However, the app itself provides a superior user experience. Anyone can testify to this when they use local competitors in different parts of the globe.

Here are a few things that Uber does right:

Great GPS integration with Google Maps. Users can drop pins at precise locations, and give the option for drivers to know their exact location.
Streamlined payment processing with the option of paying in cash in areas where credit cards are not as common.
Price calculation so riders can know upfront what they are paying. This is a feature we all know, but it was new when it was launched.
Available on: iOS, Android

Cost: Per Ride


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with 1.4 million monthly users. It allows you to easily connect via images and videos. Instagram was launched in 2010 and bought by Facebook in 2012. It is a popular platform among Millennials, Gen-Zers and other users. This makes it a powerful channel for advertisers looking to reach these segments.

Here are some things that the Instagram app does well:

The “stories” feature was first introduced on Instagram before spreading to Facebook. It makes it easy to capture photos and videos that will disappear in 24-hours.
On-the-spot photo and video editing
In app shopping allows users to connect with brands and browse new products.
Availability: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free.

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TikTok, a popular app developed by Beijing-based ByteDance for creating and sharing short videos, is now very well-known. The platform is popular for dancing and lip-syncing, but it’s also used by many to create short films. TikTok is now a popular platform for the younger crowd.

Here are some things that the TikTok app does well:

This highly effective algorithm determines what users want to see and keeps them coming back. While this is something that every social media site does, TikTok’s “stickiness” is beyond belief. The average user spends 52 minutes per day using the app and 90% of monthly users access it daily.
Automatic filters make everyone look better on camera. This isn’t the best way to teach self-acceptance or body-positivity but it drives engagement.
Duets allow users to share videos on different devices. This is useful for videos like this where users can add to viral videos. Lip-syncing has become a huge trend on TikTok.
Availability iOS and Android

Price: No Charge


Airbnb allows hosts to connect with guests who are looking for a place to stay. Today, Airbnb is a household name. However, founder Brian Chesky struggled to get venture capitalists to invest $150,000 in order to keep the company afloat. In return for 10% of the company, he asked them to fund $150,000. Chesky was convinced that one of those VCs had left a coffee shop meeting with him, believing he was a crazy man with a lost idea. Oops!

Here are a few things that the Airbnb app does well:

Useful filters to locate the exact accommodation you are looking for, down to the details such as whether there is an iron or a desk to use.
Guests and hosts can easily communicate in the app
An integrated payment system which allows you to pay for any incidentals. The app allows you to manage the exchange of house keys if you are unable to locate them and you owe the landlord additional money for the copy that they made.
Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Per Booking


Netflix is a subscription-based video on-demand app . It is the largest subscription Over the Top (OTT), media service in the world, and it can be accessed on many devices including mobile. Netflix updates its vast film collection with the most popular and acclaimed shows and movies from many genres.

Netflix had more than 204 million paying customers at the end of 2020 and 47% of Americans preferred Netflix to any other video streaming service. As the Covid-19 pandemic continued, usership soared even further. Many of us were in lockdown and yearning for a world of cinema.

Here are a few things Netflix does right:

The suggestions are based on what users like and have allowed Netflix to keep its users interested. It has also led to an explosion of original TV shows that Netflix produces.
Offline watching allows users to download movies and shows so that they can be viewed later in the metro, or wherever they don’t have data. Although we are getting used to it, there was a time when streaming content could only be done via a live connection.
Parental Control lets parents easily manage the content that their children download from a family plan. This can all be done through the app.
Availability: iOS, Android

Pricing: Paid subscription.

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