Best Cheats and Tips For Warpath Game

Warpath is a strategy simulation game by Lilith, who also created AFK arena and Rise of Kingdoms. Warpath is a base building strategy game where you can participate in campaigns, missions and events to strengthen and grow your base. This page contains great Warpath tips and cheats to help you get started. Our Warpath guide has more information.

Warpath Tips and Cheats

You can instantly see the similarities between Lilith’s Rise of Kingdoms and Lilith’s World. Although they are different games, the gameplay is very similar.

These are the top tips and cheats we know of to get you started in the game.

Let the Games Guide You

Be sure to review the Missions and Chapters lists before you spend all your resources on things that you don’t need immediately.

The chapter numbers will be displayed in a Raven at the bottom of your screen. To find out all the steps required to complete a chapter, tap that. Once you have the chapter list in hand, tap the Go button and you will be taken to the section of the chapter that you need.

Completing chapters or stages of chapters will provide you with the rewards you need to build your base early on.

You will also find the Notepad icon at the bottom left of your screen. Here you can see all the missions. Once you have completed a mission, you can claim the reward.

For rewards, complete missions

This is the best way to go, especially for the first stages of the game. Follow these lists and complete the tasks that the game asks.

Check Your GameMail

You can find loads of rewards in your game mail, especially at the start of the game. Tap the mail icon at the bottom of the screen to access your mail. To quickly receive all your eligible rewards, you don’t need to read every item. Instead, tap the mail icon near the bottom right of the screen.

Join an Alliance

Joining an active alliance is a good idea. Allies can help you get rewards, support and assistance in the future.


Your scout plane should be flying, clearing the fog from the map. You will find tons of new resources, rewards, abandoned buildings, and much more with the scout aircraft. To get the reward of a scout-related mail, tap the mail and go into it.

Upgrade Your Units

It is important to keep upgrading your units. You shouldn’t spend your upgrades on units that you don’t use. You’ll be able create 3 bars each of which can hold one troop type. So focus on the best three units you have and max them up to maximum level. Remember that Warpath allows you to modify and add equipment to units.

Modify a unit

Research at the Allied Research Center can help you increase your unit’s strength.


Research is very important in Warpath. It is conducted at the Allied Research Center. There are two main paths to research: military and industry. The industrial-based research will impact how you gather resources, while military-based research will have an effect on your units and strength.

For industrial and military improvements, research is encouraged

Let the Game Guide guide you at the beginning of the game as to what research items you should be doing. If the research building is empty, you must start research.

Unit Assembly

You can combine units of the same type to create a stronger unit. This can be done at the Allied Research Center. This is a worthwhile task as you can only use one unit at a time.

To create a stronger unit, you can assemble units.

Register for your Airdrops Free of Charge

You can request a number airdrops depending on your command centre. These will provide you with all kinds of free resources, so make sure to call in any airdrops you may have.

View the Events

Warpath will host a variety of limited-time events. These events are a great way for you to receive a lot of resources and not use any energy. You can check the events tab for current information.

There are great rewards for excelling in the Arms Race, even though it occurs every day. When you plan when to build buildings, when to spend rush tickets on production research, and when you use extra energy against raven troops or bunkers, this event can maximize your performance.

You can also increase your performance by completing City Honors research. This will increase the points per completed action in Arms Race. It’s worth your time to focus on this research tree.

Are You Out of Energy?

You can earn energy by completing battles on the map. You will eventually run out of energy. You can replenish your energy over time or use emergency energy items.

If you run out of energy, it is a good idea to look into other activities in the game, such as campaigns and events, that don’t require energy.

We hope you found these Warpath tips for beginners helpful. You can find more detailed advice in our Warpath guide or on our Warpath Answers page.

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